Friday, April 19, 2013

Today we say farewell.

For those of you unaware of the chicken drama here, it turns out that one of the 'girls' I purchased as a chick was.....not a pullet. And that is how Lady Di became Little Dave. Now don't get me wrong, Little Dave is cool as hell. He has been a personable dude and he's even been looking out for his girls when they forage in the yard. However. This is a city. And despite being in a county island, there is a definite 'no rooster' policy. And so.

Tonight Little Dave went to live with his foster family. I was so lucky to find him a home where he can get a chance to be a rooster, instead of immediate dinner. So farewell Dave! and may you spend many more days napping in the sun and learning how to crow. We wish you all the best.

Little Daves last day on the circle

Little Dave hanging with the girls
And tomorrow begins a new day explaining this to the girls.....

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