Wednesday, April 3, 2013

F*#% Yeah, Urban Chickens.

I had no idea chickens were like little people (peeple?). Seriously. Only now my house is just one big chicken chaos zone with flapping, dragonball-fighting little wingnuts rocketing around the office and escaping every 10 minutes. I NEED TO GET MY ARSE IN GEAR AND BUILD THE GD COOP.  No more messing around. I mean it. really. These girls need their own house by the time they finish feathering their little butts out.

Caro is nothing but a little troublemaker
Ethel, on the other hand, is the adorable runt.

So I trenched out a space and started assembling legs. Then added some cross braces and a plywood base. Now I juse have to bury some hardware cloth to keep racoons out and level out the frame so I can start framing some coop walls.
Sadie on hawk watch duty. Trench for legs in background

OMG. Squaring shit is harder than expected.

I may have to call my girls in for some motivation this weekend (and beer. lots of beer.)

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