Friday, April 5, 2013

Coop Progress!

It's true. I actually picked up my tools and started framing up the front of the coop today. AND I remembered these funky recycled stained glass windows I have stashed, so I'm plotting how to incorporate them to light up the coop. And then, just as I was fading out, my neighbors showed up and were kind enough to help me frame out the back wall and get them squared up on the platform. Aww yeah progress. Tomorrow will be finishing framing the sides and starting on the roof.......

Recycled window!!
Front wall framed!

We got this! Go Mel.

Front and Back frames up! Tomorrow the tie in!

Did I mention how stinkin cute the chicks are? Despite being a bit mcscruffles as their feathers grow in, they are calming down and becoming more curious about the big giant human....

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